Chipping… dare I say “Yips”

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Getting better at chipping


Chipping is actually very easy… when you know what to do.  The problem is that players do not have a plan before they try to chip the ball. 

Ball position is very important, I like to put the ball position towards my back foot because I do not want to help the ball in the air. The club I choose will get the ball in the air. My hands are positioned in front of the ball and you need to keep that angle for as long as possible during the shot.  Do not let your clubhead move faster / past your hands.  Your weight should be on the left side, keep it there during the shot, do not transfer it to the right side.  This will promote a steeper angle of attack to the ball.  

Keep your head still, do not move it.  Same as with putting.

When good players chip, they rotate their shoulders to perform the chip and have very little hand action. 

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Thinus Keller

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