Hole 1 – ‘Milkwood’

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Par 4 (376, 327, 287, 259 Metres, Stroke 5) NEXT HOLE (2) >> The Signature Tree, never to be touched. The Milkwood is protected throughout the course and the development. Play over her, under her or around her. If you try to play through her, she will win she always does! How to Play this Hole PGA Director of Golf, … Read More

Hole 17 – ‘St Francis Bay’

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hole 17

Par 3 (195, 179, 169, 136 Meters, Stroke 16) << PREVIOUS HOLE (16)  |  NEXT HOLE (18) >> The best little view on the course, with the town part of the pretty picture. Thanks, Jack! How to Play this Hole What a finishing Par-3! It truly is a tribute to the village below, with the town forming part of the backdrop. The … Read More

Hole 2 – ‘Which Way?’

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Par 4 (383, 363, 328, 286 Metres, Stroke 3) << PREVIOUS HOLE (1)  |  NEXT HOLE (3) >> In true links fashion, you arrive at the tee and guess where to aim. My advice? Take the driver over the aiming pole and the left corner of the bush. Shorter hitters should aim at the bush on the left. How to Play … Read More

Hole 18 – ‘Homeward Bound’

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hole 18

Par 4 (405, 383, 362, 318 Meters, Stroke 6) << PREVIOUS HOLE (17) This great finish allows you to play a great approach after a perfect drive. Sink the putt and tip your cap to you friends above! How to Play this Hole No, this is not a Simon and Garfunkel song. It’s simply a perfect finish to a perfect … Read More

Hole 3 – ‘Perfect Fit’

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hole 03

Par 5 (537, 511, 473, 450 Metres, Stroke 7) << PREVIOUS HOLE (2) |  NEXT HOLE (4) >> The first of the four fantastic par 5s, the green was designed and placed “perfectly” between the bushes and dunes take dead aim. How to Play this Hole Mr. Nicklaus designed this hole simply by letting the land dictate the play. The little target … Read More

Hole 4 – ‘Double Vision’

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hole 4

Par 3 (159 – 107 Metres, Stroke 17) << PREVIOUS HOLE (3) |  NEXT HOLE (5) >> The first time golfer will only see the green with the flagstick. How is this for some par 3 double vision! How to Play this Hole Whether you are playing from the back tee to the front green OR the front tee to the back … Read More

Hole 5 – ‘Braveheart’

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hole 05

Par 4 (324, 310, 239, 233 Metres, Stroke 15) << PREVIOUS HOLE (4) |  NEXT HOLE (6) >> The best views on the course and with the wind, the best chance to make a one on a par 4! How to Play this Hole WOW!!! Get the camera out better yet, get the video out and take a 360 degree shot from … Read More

Hole 6 – ‘Checkmate’

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Par 5 (529, 487, 453, 416 Metres, Stroke 11) << PREVIOUS HOLE (5) |  NEXT HOLE (7) >> In the game of chess, you plan ahead and set up your next move plan ahead here or Checkmate! How to Play this Hole Position is everything at this hole. If you are a shorter hitter, just take clubs that you trust and play … Read More

Hole 7 – ‘Wetland’

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hole 07

Par 3 (174, 164, 143, 110 Metres, Stroke 13) << PREVIOUS HOLE (6) |  NEXT HOLE (8) >> Check out the fowl after you are on dry land your birds will come with a positive picture. How to Play this Hole Its getting better by the hole and now you are challenged by the 2nd of the four par 3s and the … Read More

Hole 8 – ‘Eye of the Needle’

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hole 08

Par 4 (373, 313, 259, 245 Metres, Stroke 9) << PREVIOUS HOLE (7) |  NEXT HOLE (9) >> Stand on the tee here and choose accuracy over aggression. Keep the Blinkers on. How to Play this Hole I often refer to attitude when addressing how to play. The eighth hole is beautifully placed between two dunescapes. It is, however, the tightest driving … Read More