SA to the Semi-Finals!

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Rugby fans have different opinions about how we win!    To Faf or not to Faf, that is the question!    Ok, after nearly 30 years, you’d think I would have my head around the rules, tactics, strategies and overall game plans that define the great game of rugby. Coming from America watching college and pro football (gridiron, if you … Read More

Ernie, my friend!

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els sm

Turning 50 and not slowing down!  My relationship with Ernie Els began in December 1991 after his good friend DeWet Basson won the Hall of Fame Championship, our inaugural event at Fancourt. In the years that followed, we shared many a game of golf with many victims when we partnered! Ernie frequented Fancourt when he was in town as he … Read More

We are better than that!

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preferred lies

Play it the way you find it…       Really?    Santa says…We have received a mail regarding preferred lies in golf. I, for one, have never been a fan of them and feel that South Africa is one of the few places in the world where they are the norm. In my life, I was taught to play the … Read More

The LInks Cup – SA, SA, SA!

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Links Cup –  South Africa shines  Bonus story – Charl shares his stories from the Solheim Cup!    Norman Pretorius was injured so, as the SA Captain, he rallied his team by moving from match to match as a “cheerleader” on Sunday. After trailing the Internationals 13-9 after foursomes and betterball play, the SA team found their form. They ran … Read More

Busy Weekend – You gotta love it!

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st francis bay calamari festival 2019

Sport, wine and weddings…oh, and The World Cup   This year’s Calamari Festival and Classics were bigger and better than ever-before with activities on the go throughout the Village and throughout the weekend. More than 20 wine estates were featured at The TOPS Calamari Wine Festival on opening day with hundreds in attendance. The next day, Calamari came to the … Read More

Our future Golfers and Residents

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  “The Game of a lifetime” is best learned when you are young (or young hearted)     Micah Van Eyssen, trophy winner!    I was one who was exposed to golf at a young age (4) and could not get enough of it as a junior. My first golf course was from tree to tree and yard to yard (fortunately, … Read More

Everything must GO!

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Out with the old to make way for the NEW!   I guess you could say it’s the last of the best sellers, but it all needs to go!  Members will have first go on Thursday and the public are most welcome to come to The Links on Friday, Saturday and Sunday – hey, Monday is a holiday; let’s wrap … Read More

Handicaps may change

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  “The Game of a lifetime” is focusing on a new handicap system    The current method of determining your maximum score for the hole is a maximum of2 over par, unless you have two Course Handicap strokes on a hole, in which case you must enter a 3 over par. From 1st October 2019, the maximum score on any … Read More

Time to make it all better!

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Grant Leversha for Advertising sm

  Why we remain one of the top-conditioned courses in South Africa Having just concluded our budget presentation to the Board of Directors, we will continue to be prudent with our expenses without compromise to quality. Today (Wednesday, the 14th) we have no less than five tour players here on the course, playing in perky, yet warm conditions. Only good … Read More

Freshly Ground is coming to The Links

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What a treat! Limited to 250 seats – Book NOW!      South Africa has been the source of great music over the years, with some of the artists from South Africa going on to tour worldwide. Freshly Ground is one of the most successful Afro-fusion groups in South Africa. The band has toured different countries, performing their music, and … Read More