Be SAFE…stay home!

Jeff ClauseSanta Says

Take the necessary precautions, but don’t get negative… It’s day 5 and I am extremely proud of our members and, for the most part, our Village, for embracing the lockdown. Over the past few days, I developed new skills and polished up on some old ones. With permission from the Government, we are continuing with essential services, the production of … Read More

But, I’m a Hugger!

Jeff ClauseSanta Says

Take the necessary precautions, but don’t get negative… This, too, SHALL pass!  We, at St Francis Links, are OPEN for business, but with our eyes open, too! We are taking steps to ensure good hygiene, quality controls (as always) and will be monitoring the Virus constantly – just not on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We will follow the advice of … Read More

Music for all!

Jeff ClauseSanta Says

We make it happen for our members and the entire COMMUNITY! This past week, we hosted Andrew Young again, and he returned with a new show that was better than ever! We have the facilities to share South Africa’s best entertainment as well as the occasional international artist. Andrew Young could have been performing for thousands in Berlin or Vienna … Read More

I’ll take a bump over traffic jams…any day!

Jeff ClauseSanta Says

Why choose St Francis… Let me share some reasons why We are remote, yet accessible We remain quiet but never sleeping We offer amazing clean air unless the smell of the ocean puts you off, or the fragrance offered by the fynbos Wonderful year-round weather (with a few perky days) No ROBOTS (traffic lights) – in some cases not even … Read More

We are “FUNCTIONING” properly!

Jeff ClauseSanta Says

Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Parties and Conferences We are not just a lifestyle Estate; we are not just a top-rated golfing destination and we are not just a great place to meet, greet and eat! This is why we employ a great Chef and great support staff. This is why we have a great Club Manager with her support team to … Read More

Happy Valentine’s Day and Night – great fun!

Jeff ClauseSanta Says

From Best Dressed and Displayed to Best Dinner and Entertainment     Valentine’s Day was celebrated with Couples Golf… Love was in the air! Big Congratulations goes to Susan Gray, she achieved an incredible hole-in-one on the 14th – a very difficult Par 3 hole on this special day (with a full bar of golfers and bridge players enjoying Fish Friday)! … Read More

We’ve had a great 1st Quarter

Jeff ClauseSanta Says

Great events, great course and Great food!   On Monday, we held our first Board Meeting for the year. It was suggested that I share part of my CEO report for the 1st quarter (Oct-Dec) as it is a fairly good review.  General Summary – Links Golf Club (RF) Limited All indications from tourism led us to believe that we would … Read More

Be my Valentine!

Jeff ClauseSanta Says

Tell her you love her and we’ll do the rest!  Let’s start with golf – Betterball Stableford – all day! sponsored by your Golf Shop with prizes for best-dressed, as well!  Then join us for dinner where Chef John will and the team will dazzle you. Our great friends Claire Venn and Joe van der Linden will have you dancing … Read More

Els for Autism RETURNS and Jack turned 80!

Thinus KellerSanta Says

Let’s do it for Ernie’s kids For the third time, we will be hosting a very special day to benefit those affected by Autism in South Africa. It goes way beyond a fun day of golf as the evening is filled with storytelling, great food and drink. This year we are even adding an accommodation package and extra-special golf on … Read More

#Living the Dream

Jeff ClauseSanta Says

If you can, then JUST DO IT! Meyer Du Toit was my Assistant PGA Professional at Pezula. He has been my good friend for nearly 22 years and he is one of South Africa’s leaders in the Golf Industry. Meyer has been the GM at SanLameer for a number of years. Along with his wife, Vickey, they reshaped the look … Read More