Ecstasy, agony, luck, bad luck and tears… this weekend had it all

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Jeff on Holiday

With Jeff and Liezl on their way to watch The Open  at Royal Portrush I have the pleasure of writing Jeff’s newsletter this week.  What an easy task after having a weekend like this one. We are blessed.   It all started on Saturday with our own Dr. Lynn Slogrove winning her division of the BMW International Cup Qualifier at … Read More

Keeping your height

Jeff ClauseGolf Tips

happy gilmore

If you are struggling with inconsistent ball striking the tip I would give you is to swing easy.  When you swing too hard you lose your spine angle, your head moves around and you are not balanced.  Because you do not swing within yourself many things can go wrong.  You need to make a golf swing that allows you to … Read More

Links Cup date moved

Jeff ClauseGolf Tips

Links Cup Medals 2018

New date for The Links Cup 20 – 21 October 2018 Due to popular demand we have to move The Links Cup matches.  Minutes after we sent out the entry forms we recieved many calls to inform us of previous commitments made.  Last night at the members get togehter we asked the members present about moving the date to the … Read More

New Handicap Cards

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Handicap card

We would like to inform all of our members who are handicapped here at St Francis Links that the new SAGA handicap cards have arrived and it will replace the current black handicap card.  HNA would like to ensure that all golfers have a fully functional card.  The old black card will be active until 31 August 2018, thereafter it … Read More

Hitting your wedges close

Jeff ClauseGolf Tips

Ball on the back foot

More often than not you do not want to hit your wedges high, unless it really is necessary. The higher you hit it the more difficult it becomes to control it and be accurate. This is very important in our conditions where it can get windy. To accomplish this, you need to change your setup and your swing. Changing your … Read More

Improving your short game

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Chipping Hybrid

Back to basics For many members, finding clean crisp contact feels nearly impossible. Choose a less lofted club (8 Iron) and use your putter grip. Stand closer to the ball with a narrow stance. Tempo Too often I see golfers taking back too fast and when they start going forward towards impact, they slow down. Make a smooth back swing … Read More

Hitting your driver further

Jeff ClauseGolf Tips

Angle of attack

Everyone would like to hit their driver further. There are many changes we could make to your golf swing, however I would like to discuss angle of attack. This is very often overlooked and the effect of having the wrong angle of attack could mean huge distance loss. Angle of attack could be described as the upward or downward movement … Read More