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Getting ready!

This past Monday, the entire Clubhouse team was in place for a day of training and motivation. The departments were all exposed to what the others do – inside and outside. They tasted the new items on the new menu, revisited our Club philosophy and expectations, toured the course and even watched “The Good Things Guy” Brent Lindeque (from last week’s newsletter).

They brewed the best cappuccino, made the best cocktails and learned about the course from one of our guest services attendants, Henry, who wowed the team with his presentation on the 1st tee.

During the day, I met with our team and shared the message for the upcoming season. Start with happiness. If you bring happiness to the workplace, others will feel it! Share the happiness will your colleagues, the members and the guests. Answer the phone with a smile – you can hear it! Greet people before they greet you. Learn the member’s wants, needs and likes – it’s an advantage of being a CLUB rather than a restaurant. You get to know your clients – then you can anticipate everything! Almost everything.

The Club Team


This week in Golf

19 October – EasyLife Kitchens – Anthony McMillan and Justin Rosewarne

22 October – The Sue Gray Day – saluting the USA – Margot McGregor and Avril Laird

22 October – Saturday Comp – Bryce Dakin d Richard Nischt

 25 October – The Muirfield – memorable and memory loss! 

The Muirfield Day played on Thursdays at the famous course requires the following, arrive at the Club in a jacket, change to golf gear, play foursomes*, return to the Club, dress for lunch with jacket and tie (or in our case, as close as possible^), enjoy an amazing three-course lunch, dress for golf and play foursomes again.

*foursomes play at Muirfield

The match-play pairings are arranged weekly by the Club Secretary ensuring that the games played featured likes with likes (by handicaps, not necessarily personalities). No shots are given or received unless the leading team gets to three up. Then, one stroke is awarded until the match returns to plus 1. At that point, the stroke falls away. Our morning matches were brilliant – all were competitive, some getting to 3-up and awarding a shot a hole.

With the traditional lunch, golfers are “enriched” with the fruit from the grape, some clear liquids from the distillery and in some cases, a wee dram. The afternoon generally is played to walk off lunch. Speeches from the host, the Captain and other dignitaries and the issuing of fines form part of the day. Captain Ronnie added a significant amount of ripened grapes to ensure a great sense of calm.

There were some highs and lows in the course of the afternoon play. Some unnecessary videos appeared and the fines followed play again. Martin King moved to Mexico and Johann Spangenberg was the victim of everyone’s love for his son.

^ Pandy and Leon were fined for attire, Charles found what he needed at Gently Worn, Deon borrowed a blazer and some longs appeared fairly short.


We do Shoot-outs and memories follow!

New in the Golf Shop for YOU!

Style and innovation meet!

Our PGA merchandise has just arrived, sporting the PGA championship logo and our St Francis Links logo on a beautiful range of Cutter & Buck clothing and accessories.

Cutter & Buck is a top line of golf-inspired apparel for men and women who appreciate innovative, high-quality sportswear. They believe in using premium fabrics and trims, classic styling, and a wide range of colours to create clothing that looks and performs impeccably.

It’s the perfect combination of classic style with innovative technology for apparel that performs wherever you are.

These will undoubtedly be quick sellers, so visit the St Francis Links Golf shop today to get kitted out.

How about a Proper Road Trip (with Tony and Rose Gunton) 

It’s great to see the great member response! 

Hi St Francis Links Members

I have been involved in International  Golf Travel for the past 23 years, and prior to the Covid 19 Pandemic was very active in promoting tours to different parts of the world. I accompanied many of these trips, and during the course of my travels, I was fortunate enough to spend time in the amazing country of Vietnam. The history of North and South Vietnam, and the wars that ensued, have always held a fascination for me, and to eventually visit and tour the country was an amazing experience. The warmth of the people, the country’s emergence after the dark years of war,  to the current-day tourist destination that it has become, make it a must-see for the adventurous spirit oneself.

As a golf tour, it is a premier destination, enjoying many world-class golf courses in the company of beautiful and charming caddies makes it an unforgettable experience!

I have put together a package which looks after the interests of the non-golfer, so if your partner is not a golfer they will still have an amazing touring experience.

I have allowed for 12 nights on the ground in Vietnam, travelling from North to South, including 7 rounds of golf. We will be staying in quality hotels and will be looked after at all times by expert local ground handlers.

Please have a look at the attached itinerary and register your interest by emailing me asap.  The land price is quoted in US Dollars, whilst I have negotiated a Group airfare with Qatar Airways quoted in ZAR.

Join me for an unforgettable experience and let’s make this the first of many St Francis Links Tours into other interesting parts of the world.

Kind regards,
Tony Gunton
St Francis Links
St Francis Bay
South Africa

Cell: 083 320 2845

Note: Tony and Rose know how to do it right! check out the destinations online! Jeff




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