Big Stuff Happening at the Links

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Big Stuff Happening at the Links

Our calendar of events for the entire family and our community has such exciting . Food, Fun, Special Events and more!

Nostalgic Nights are on the rise as Chef Pieter is creating some fantastic dishes and desserts. Book in advance and join us in the Lighthouse Restaurant every Monday Night!

The SDC Championship returns bigger and better!
We are proud to host the Sunshine Tour and DP World Tour co-sanctioned championship soon and believe this will be the best field of golfers that we have ever seen. The Wine on Water is also that weekend. Why not do both! Tell your friends and join us for an amazing weekend in St Francis Bay!
Alternate Construction Dates due to the SDC
Due to the 4-day SDC Championship, we will not permit any construction to take place between 29 February and 2 March 2024. These dates fall over a Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We find that construction noise during professional championships disturb the professional players.

We will instead permit work to take place on alternate days.  This message therefore confirms the dates of the alternate workdays, as follows:

•    Thursday 21 March 2024 (Human Rights Day – between 06h30 and 18h00)
•    Saturday 27 April 2024  (Freedom Day – between 07h00 and 13h00)
•    Wednesday 1 May 2024 (Workers Day – between 06h30 and 18h00)

We thank you in advance for your cooperation!

More good stuff!
We invite our members to wear red and to bring balloons, streamers and ribbons … let’s have some Valentine’s Golf fun!
And then more that night!

Champion Golfers of the Week!
20 January 2024
Combined Stableford

Stars of the Week!
Our Men’s League and Pieter Zietsman!
Yeehaw! The Links League side won both matches 11-7 over Wedgewood and 14-4 over Graaff Reinet!
Pieter Zietsman made Albatross 2 on the par-5, 15th hole at Humewood in his league match!

8 February 2024
Save The Date For Our Next Quarterly Fun Time & Dine!
Our property owners should please look out for an easy 4-question survey we will push through your GloVent app to enquire from you what is important to you.  This helps us prepare our presentation to give you feedback at the Time & Dine.

What’s coming up next month?
Exciting Events at St Francis Links!
Check out the calendar below to keep track of some of the awesome events taking place at the Club in February.
Other Noteworthy Golf Event Dates
Please keep an eye on the list below as well as other communications as dates and events are subject to change.

•    25th Feb to 3rd March 2024 – SDC Championship
•    14th & 15th March 2024 – Kouga Mayoral Cup – Final date to be confirmed
•    18th April – 2024 CO–OP Golf Day
•    27th & 28th April 2024 – Club Championship
•    9th & 10th May – Woodlands Dairy Golf Day
•    25th & 26th May – EP Amateur Championship (1st & 2nd Leg)
•    1st & 2nd June – EP Amateur Championship (3rd & Final Leg)
•    6th & 7th July 2024 – Pam Golding Ladies Open
•    19th & 20th July – Men’s Member-Member
•    12th to 24th August 2024 – Hollowtining – Course Closed
•    15th September 2024 – EP Seniors – Limited Field
•    28th & 29th September 2024 – The Links Cup
•    17th to 24th November – The PGA Championship (provisional)
•    26th November – The Links Trophy (EP Event – Limited Field)

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Is there a distance you find trickier than others? Close range? Lag putting? The beauty is that many of the same basics apply, like keeping your head still and following through on your intended line.

Lacking the basics of putting is more common than you might think, and it could be the root cause of your struggles.

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