BIG MUSCLES vs small muscles

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Common questions:
“How can I get consistency?” and “How do I hit the ball further?”

Two very different questions but the answer is the same.
Most golfers use very little of their big muscles in the golf swing. They think that power lies in the arms and hands. Wrong.

Power lies in the big muscles – legs, glutes, abdomen, back, hips and shoulders. Consistency also comes from the big muscles. If your swing is 80 percent with the arms and hands you will always struggle with distance and consistency. The golf swing should be dominated by the big muscles, 80 percent big muscles and 20 percent small muscles.

This is an important change to make and necessary if you are serious about improving your scores. Book a lesson with Brian or me and let us help you to become a better golfer and enjoy this beautiful game

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Thinus Keller
PGA Head Golf Professional

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