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Don’t you just love to see the ball spinning back towards the pin? Maybe you see it from your playing partners, but you just don’t know how they do it…
Swing on a steeper path and keep your hands and wrists firm through impact. You need to hit the ball clean, making a divot after impact with the ball.
You will need good clubhead speed, a slow swing will not generate backspin. Because the angle of attack is steeper, most golfers will move the ball position towards the back of their stance, DO NOT – rather have it forward of middle for a short iron so that the ball goes higher. A high ball comes in more vertical and rolls out less. 
The type of ball you play is also an important factor. Harder balls spin less than soft balls, buy some soft balls from the shop and see the difference.

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See you on the practice tee.

Thinus Keller

PGA Head Golf Professional

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