Another Thumping Holiday Season

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Another Thumping Holiday Season

Happy 2024 to our property owners, friends and family!
Considering I only crossed the Kromme once, for the dentist, and ventured out the gate maybe five times, you’ll have to rely on what others said to understand it was another thumping holiday. The two courses combined for more than 8600, 18- and 9-hole rounds. The Bay turned 4764 (3153 and 1611) and we played 3862 (3595 and 267). That must be a record.
Credit: Stirling Olivier
Once again, we held tee times for the members, their family, and friends, until 48 hours before play. That resulted in 86% of our play being member-related rounds! We must thank the TEAM for preparing a great course that moved well, with great food and beverage to seal the deal.

Our holiday golf rules with placing on the fairways and playing the unmaintained areas as lateral hazards assisting in smooth sailing.

On the entertainment side, we hosted two Centrestage shows, the first featuring Gino Fabbri and the second, the entire group. Gary Hemmings and his team have supported the Links since day-dot!

The community also benefitted from an amazing and sold-out Billy’s Beach. The newly located Brewery featured top entertainment every night! Other restaurants were very busy, and the Village Square Spar kept up with everyone’s needs. Sporting events took place throughout the holiday season. Everyone jumped on the water again for charity in the annual Flash Float and Santa visited the Links for the kids!  We also welcomed the opening of the River Club on the corner of the Oyster Bay turn off, featuring padel courts and other excellent facilities.

Billy’s Beach

By the Numbers – 10 December to 10 January
The Links Community
1 Action packed month – on the Estate and in the Village
1 Engagement on the lawn of the clubhouse
3 weddings in five days before the silly season
Food and Beverage
•    Beers – 6991

  • Castle Lite in the bottle – 2053
  • Castle Lite Drafts – 1300
  • Beach Blond Drafts – 766
  • Heineken Drafts – 632

•    Ciders – 591
•    Cocktails – 1042
•    Spirits

  • Brandy – 1697 (1290 last year – must’ve been the wind!)
  • Gin – 1154
  • Whiskeys – 550
  • Vodka – 691
  • Rum – 377

•    Minerals

  • Waters – 3031

•    Breakfasts – 6063
•    Burgers

  • Santa and Mrs Santa – 285
  • The NEW Smash burger – 450

•    Pizzas 1465 – up by 1000 after the addition of our new pizza station!

Golf and Community
A month of great FUN!

The Pam Golding Annual – 17th Annual
•    St Francis Links wins and leads 9-8
•    Travis De Bruin and Richard De Bruin win on 86 pts
•    Final average points – St Francis Links: 75,6 vs St Francis Bay Golf Club 74
The Kwikelec Member | Member Partnership
•    Record 96 entries
•    A near record score to win
•    Top seven teams withing 4 points in total
•    Peter Dowling and Leon Engebrecht win on 103 points
Daily competitions in the Holiday (100% handicaps)
Holes-in-One – 4:

  • Hein Spangenberg – 23 Dec, Hole 7 (he rang the bell as the staff were going off shift)
  • Steve Phillips – 5 January, Hole 14
  • Jono Kingwell – 10 January, Hole 14
  • Pandy Katakuzinos – 10 January, Hole 14


  • JP DuToit
  • Duval Dorfling
  • Jess Peens
  • James Bredenkamp
  • Peter Bain
  • Charlie Gilmour
  • Rob Leith
  • Angie Schwultz
  • Richard DeBruin
  • Brigitte Laurent
  • Patrick Nesbitt

Most Rounds played: 24 by William Sears (missed one with flu)

Most Points made – Individual Stableford: 40 by Nick Kruiskamp

Most Points made – Betterball: 51 by Sandra Marais and Roger Smith

Rounds Played

  • 3862 (last year 3866)
  • 2183 Carts used
  • Member carts used – plenty.
  • 6841 Used Balls sold
  • Lost balls found ???
Star Performer – Shaun Viljoen

Farewell but never goodbye
We were sad to learn of the recent passing of property owners Clive Jennings, Roy O’Hara, Mark Laidlaw and Norman Rock. Jeff always writes to the Pearly Gates Country Club, as he did for these gentlemen, to request that they receive a great welcome and be bestowed honorary membership. Our sincere condolences to their closest loved ones and friends.

You’re always welcome back
Friends and a couple who brought joy and social interaction to our club, Bruce and Lynn Hearn are moving to the Winelands and will be missed, especially by the Tuesday & Thursday Club golfers Tom Grimsley, Chris Roberts and Johan Spangenberg!  Safe travels and you’re always welcome back.

Join us for the SDC Championship From 29 February to 3 March 2024

Clubhouse Happenings
We bring your favourite Fish Fryday Lunch and Nostalgic Monday Dinners back this month!
Except for the tournament dates, our clubhouse and golf course is open daily, from 07h00 and food service will ends as follows:

  • Monday – 20h00  |  Tue/Thu/Sun – 17h30
  • Wed/Fri/Sat – 19h00

*Pizza orders will be available for a further 30 minutes after food service ends

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