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Indoor Concept Market

Le Keller was on a mission to create a special day…

Why did I organize the Indoor Concept Market?

Before knowing that we will leave St Francis Bay, I always wanted to give back to our wonderful community. I’m thankful that we have been blessed with beautiful and kindhearted friends, stunning scenery & wildlife at the doorstep inside St Francis Links.

I still remember the dream that I had on Wednesday, 16th Feb. I was late (as usual) in my dream, I was on the stage, and a massive crowd with smiley faces gave me a round of applause. There was St Francis United Church floating in the air. I woke up wondering “Does it mean God wants me to go to this church or do something for SFUC?”. I did pray “God I’m ready to serve to advance your Kingdom, what do you want me to do?” many days ago. When I told Nicole Spencer (my bestie neighbour) about that strange dream, she said to me that they needed me at SFUC.

I decided that I would do a fundraiser for SFUC, a similar event to “Family Wellness Day” we did for St Francis College Nursery in 2019, however, it would be for Seniors. After a long discussion with Nicole, on the walk back home, I asked Holy Spirits “what would be the main focus for this event? then “Food & Drinks” came up. Nicole gave advice about separating the Wellness Talks and The Market. We went ahead with “Indoor Concept Market”.

I started contacting businesses and sponsors even before having a meeting with the SFUC team. I prayed and got the market date, not knowing about the NOoM golf tournament. I only found out in May, after asking about Eugenie’s professional perspective on organizing the market.

At the first meeting with Paul and Laurin at SFUC, I explained about the plan. The purpose of this fundraising was to connect people, uplift local businesses, sharing the blessings in the community, especially coming out from a hard season over the pandemic. SFAR could have a table selling cakes and receiving donations without paying a fee like other businesses.

2nd meeting with Dave and Maggie on board as well, they were still surprised why would someone dedicate time and work for free; the church would get all the money from stalls and raffle ticket sales.

There were so many challenges when trying to organize a market with 30 businesses and 26 sponsors involved, without knowing the SFUC team and how they operate.

Nicole and I prayed for the right businesses, people coming to the market, poster idea design, communication with businesses/SFUC, important factors, etc.,

The puzzle started to get assembled along the way, from how I got the Decor team on board (Eva Skelton & Lucy Kotze – Links members), extra help from Bridget Nel (Nicole pulling out because of her Children’s Book – soon to be out), decor, furniture from Deidre, Proteas for decor, to last-minute business participants and business pulling out, etc., Among these learning curve moments, there were 2 times that I feel God’s reminding me about his promise and guidance to complete the puzzle, which He set me up from the beginning.

Saturday, 28th May, Hayley had Netball matches in Patensie in the morning, Thinus had a birthday party in the afternoon, and I was also trying to get Proteas from Tyron for my birthday. Since the beginning of the week, I had the feeling that I would have someone at the party, who would help with the market, I had to be there, no matter how tired I was. I met Claire Cowling – the Interior Designer, who helped with the floor plan, to ensure the flow and buzz zones at the market. Then Tyron who said Yes for flowers after our 3 mins chat in front of Links gate.

Thursday, 30th June. Power outages, and internet and phone coverage were almost none in the afternoon. An early busy day with a few last preparations for the Market. I wasn’t in a good mental mood, so I decided to go to the pool to relax while the kids are swimming, I sent a WhatsApp message to Fitch & Leedes Rep that he could find me at Leisure Center, without thinking that he might not get my message. We met just 5mins later. He said that he couldn’t get hold of his team for the whole day, it was a miracle that he got my message. He didn’t understand how.

There were many factors out of my control that needed to be considered during the process of market organizing. I had to plan carefully ahead in order to complete the work, however, I had PEACE about the outcome, knowing that God would provide talent to the team, and make it successfully more than we expected. I did take an immense leap of FAITH to God; I was honoured that He trusted me with the Task.

I want to thank everyone who helped along the way and a big Thank You to be sponsors. Thank you for the assistance from the St Francis Links Management team. Especially to my beloved husband, he never complained about me serving our family late dinners or the messy house.

Thank you everyone for your support, either by buying raffle tickets or coming to the market, all the business participants. You are all part of the crowd who made the vibe of fun and exciting indoor market at St Francis Links.


Huyen Thuy Le

Note: The Market was an overwhelming success!

Nomads National Order of Merit (with International points awarded)

Junior Golf Has never been better in South Africa and the performance this week by our South African juniors proved that. 76 of the finest golfers under 17 played our championship course with an average score under 80 each day. 12 years ago, the winning score was under 80! Past champions the likes of Wilco Nienaber and Jordan Duminy lead the way before Golf RSA stars in their blue jackets dominated the leader board this year. Kay Sadler, our member, walked a few kilometres cheering on her Grandson, Jordan Wessels, as he lead the tournament to the 53rd hole, eventually finishing third overall, 68-70-75=213. Our champion, Ivan Verster from Mossel Bay, charged from six shots behind, to catch Jordan and 36-hole leader, Amilkar Bhana 67-71-74=212. Ivan needed a two-hole playoff to stand alone as the 2022 Champion Golfer

The statistics that accrued over the three days are worth a look. Click here for the overall results and Day 1, 2 and 3 statistics. The winds were mild but came from all directions over the 54 holes. Thanks to all the members who came out and supported the great play!

This Week’s Golf Results

2 June  – Trophee du Coq Lynne McMillan and Carol Boonzaier

…and the LADIES claimed the Rooster!

6 July – ECO-TECH Medal – Silver – Lynn Slogrove; Bronze- Lynda Mynhardt; IPS Lynne McMillan; Men’s A Gross – Nic V Rensburg; B Gross – Brett Wilson-Jones; IPS – Rykie Rautenbach



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