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This week I will discuss a basic that is neglected by almost all golfers. I have worked very hard on my alignment and my golf has improved because of it. I make a point of checking it regularly.

What I have seen the most recently is players not aiming correctly, mostly to the right of the target. When they hit a shot that ends up to the right of the target they think that they have pushed it, in fact they had a good shot. On the other hand, because they aim to the right their body tells them to pull the shot to the left and that is how they hit the ball to the target. This is very bad as they are learning to swing over the top.

The only thing aiming at your target is your clubhead. Nothing else. Your feet, hips and shoulders aim parallel left of your target.  The pictures below show good alignment.

For some this will be something they never heard before and for some this will be old news. I challenge you to check and practice your alignment. Many of your bad shots are not actually that bad, it is just poor alignment.

The above pictures show my club and body aiming to the same target. Because of where my body is aiming the correct result is that the ball will end up right of the target.

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Thinus Keller

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