A big day for Nico Malan

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A big day for Nico Malan

100 golfers teed off here last Saturday to salute AND raise funds for Nico Malan High School. 150 attended the dinner that followed!

 We welcome Christelle Meyer
Christelle joins Lynette, Marisan and Olivia in our administration department where she is ready to assist with all homeowner queries and general support services.
My name is Christelle, an almost 27-year-old small town girl. I was born in Middelburg, Eastern Cape but relocated to Burgersdorp at age 11. After matriculating at Burgersdorp High School, I decided to pursue a career in Beauty Therapy. I studied at Elizabeth Beauty School, Port Elizabeth and graduated 2nd in my class only to apply for a job at an accounting firm as a receptionist. I fell in love with administration and was privileged to have worked for three amazing companies before settling in Jeffreys Bay and being given the opportunity to work for the BEST yet. I have a passion working with people and being able to help others, therefore being part of the team at St Francis Links is such a huge privilege.

I am a straight to the point kind of person therefore I won’t bore you with my likes and dislikes but rather a few words describing me in a nutshell.

• Adventurer
• Bibliophile
• Cat lady
• Formula One fan
• God-fearing woman
• Lone wolf
• Music fanatic
• Poet
• Sunset lover

A minor detail… Did you notice the list was alphabetic? I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (self-diagnosed). I am excited to meet all the homeowners, tenants and golf members and to be of assistance.

 Monthly competition formats
Click to enlarge

 Champion golfers of the week
31 January 2024
Members Competition – Progressive Alliance
1st place – 82 pts
John Wilson
Darren Sugden
Michael Barratt
David Harpur2nd place – 81 pts
Yan Coesens
Hein Spangenberg
Johannes Viviers
Ian Berry3rd place – 80 pts c.i.
Leon Engelbrecht
Mike Anderson
Stefan Strampe
Luke Biggs

2 Clubs
Johan Joubert – 4th hole
Mel Maubec – 4th hole
Lynn McMillan – 17th hole
Wouter le Roux – 17th hole
Stuart Morris – 17th hole
Pieter Zietsman – 14th hole
David Harpur – 14th hole
Joachim Mennen – 4th hole

3 February 2024
Members Competition – 4-Ball Alliance, 2 scores to count
1st place – 91 pts
Hein Sevenster
Rian Wagenaar
Emile Nel
Carmen Nel2nd place – 89 pts
Henk Roets
Wikus Landman
Mike McGill
Paul Mynhardt3rd place – 88 pts
Dean Lailvoux
Warren Davis-Hannibal
Kern Wilson
Gary Davis-Hannibal

2 Clubs
Yan Coesens – 7th and 17th hole
Carmen Nel – 17th hole
Shaun Viljoen – 4th hole
Luke Biggs – 4th hole
Sally Nienaber – 4th hole
Basil Coenraad – 14th hole

 SDC Championship

 Noteworthy golf dates
25 Feb to 3 March – SDC Championship
17 March – St Patrick’s Day
18 April – Co–Op Golf Day
27 & 28 April – Club Championship
9 & 10 May – Woodlands Dairy Golf Day
25 & 26 May – EP Amateur Championship (1st & 2nd Leg)
1 & 2 June – EP Amateur Championship (3rd & Final Leg)
1 June – Ladies Invitational
15 June – Le Trophy De Coq
6 & 7 July – Pam Golding Ladies Open
19 & 20 July – Men’s Invitational
12 to 24 August – Hollowtining – Course Closed
15 September– EP Seniors – Ltd Field
28 & 29 September – The Links Cup
17 to 24 November – The PGA Championship (provisional)
26 November – The Links Trophy (EP Event – Ltd Field)Dates in blue = Course Closed

 On the social front
Join us for Valentine’s Golf! Our thanks to KwikEkec and Barry Davis for your support!

Make golf your Valentine
Bringing you closer together
Picture this: you’re strolling across sprawling, grassy hills, the late afternoon sun caressing your skin while you’re deep in conversation with your significant other. No, this isn’t an evening stroll in the park, it’s an approach walk to the green during a round of couples golf.
Whether it’s keeping an existing relationship strong, or forming a completely new relationship, golf gives you the perfect space and time to build special connections.
To get the most out of golfing with your significant other, it helps to not have the same expectations you would have for a solo round or a round with your golf buddies. Couples golf is a different experience, and if you go into it with the right mindset, it could be a massive breath of fresh air into your golfing life as well as your personal life.
Suited to a tee
Just like you and your partner, golf and social connection go hand-in-hand. If you would like to get your significant other into golf, let us know and we can help get the spark started.
Get them involved

Chat golf with Dale Hayes
Dale Hayes is one of South Africa’s special legends in the golf industry. He sends out a weekly “Golf Chat” communication, which provides an interesting and unique perspective on everything that happens in the golf world, locally and globally. We believe that our golfers will benefit and enjoy Dale’s communication, so if you are interested in hearing from Dale every Monday with the latest golf news, please subscribe to his newsletter here.
Subscribe to Golf Chat

Duca Del Cosma: An Italian Golf Evolution
Book a shoe fitting

Cleveland Launch
Zipcore XL
These new irons combine the Ai gains in distance from the mainframe face with the innovations in groove design from Cleveland Golf’s Zipcore Wedges.
What will you experience?
• Gains in distance that only a mainframe face designed by Ai can give you.
• Noticeable improvement in forgiveness in contact away from the sweet spot.
• Long irons that carry further and go a little straighter.
• A more solid feel on short-iron shots, especially closer to the heel where contact is usually made with these clubs.
• More spin on approach shots with your shorter clubs.
• A club head you get back to the ball, square at impact more often.
Test how far. Test how close.
How much will the improvements we’ve listed above, impact your ball striking quality and approach shot performance? There’s only one way to find out that’s to hit them.
Remember that the best results are delivered strike after strike if we make sure the specifications on any club you buy fit your golf swing.



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