67 Minutes for Madiba!

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St Francis Links comes together for charity!

Liezl gathered the troops here at St Francis Links to create some magic for the Sea Vista residents

67 Minutes of kindness and service to our community today in honour of Mandela Day! Our Links community came together to collect, pack and donate more than 67 soup jars with meaty soup bones in aid of Sea Vista’s needy folk. This was enhanced by bags of dog food for our St Francis Animal Rescue. We are so grateful to our Links members and staff and the DVG volunteers for their help in distribution. Together we can make a difference.


Join us in the bar and on the deck (Big Screen) for SA’s warm-up for the World Cup! Argentina

It’s the 151st Open Championship

It’s Open Championship week and the world’s best are gathering and practising for what is considered by most golfing enthusiasts as the best of the best tournaments.  I have attended St Andrew’s and Royal Portrush. St Andrews featured perfect weather as Jack Nicklaus took his final bow and Tiger Woods won with flawless golf. At Royal Portrush, Shane Lowry proved he was a “weather” player as Mother Nature played her part. The forecast below is going to favour the “Mudders” with rain expected throughout the week. I’m favouring the guys going off late on Thursday and early on Friday before the weather kicks in on the weekend.

Weather will make a difference!

Thursday 20 July

Mostly sunny, small chance of the odd light shower at first. Dry with prolonged sunshine from midday. Becoming rather cloudy by dawn into Friday with a small chance of a light shower. (Rain: 0-0.5 mm). High: 16°C (61°F). Low: 14°C (57°F). 

Friday 21 July

Rather cloudy with a chance of a few light to moderate showers. (Rain: 0-1 mm, 10% 1-2 mm). High: 16°C (61°F). Low: 14°C (57°F). Winds: W to NW 10-15mph gust 15-20mph.

Saturday 22 July

Longer spells of rain moving in overnight Friday into Saturday. Potential for heavier bursts towards midday and into the afternoon, before easing into the evening. Rain: 2-5 mm, 30% 5-10 mm). High: 18°C (64°F ). Low: 15°C (59°F). Winds: S to SW 10-13mph gust 14-18mph, increasing SW 14-18mph gust 20-25mph.

Sunday 23 July

Low confidence in detail, however likely turning showery during the day. Potentially heavy and thundery at times. Winds are lighter than Saturday, and direction is mainly W’ly but perhaps variable at times.

Other favourites

HOYLAKE, England — If there is a bugaboo in the wind and rain at this 151st Open Championship, at least it’s obvious, sprayed onto the green and yellow turf with unmissable white paint. It’s out of bounds, of course — not just on the property’s perimeter, but also internally, along the right side of the 3rd and 18th holes. Unnervingly close enough to the action. Just enough to freak you out.

Internal O.B. has long been a thorn in the side of some competitors, as well as a subset of golf-course architecture fiends. (Want to get a pro riled up? Ask them about their worst internal out-of-bounds experience, Rory McIlroy included.) If it’s in the bounds of the golf course, why would it be out of bounds? Fair question, and one for which Brooks Koepka has a simple solution.

“It’s fine,” he said. “Just don’t hit it over there you won’t have a problem, right?”


On SuperSport 213 from Thursday at 7h30 am!

Another great week of Golf

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Star of the Week

Ian Berry is the Star of the Week with a fanflippintastic Hole-In-ONE on the 4th Hole!




Well done, Ian! Very Clever doing it on a quiet day!

Pizza & Putting


We saw a great turnout this past Saturday when we hosted our first Putting Championship!

It was brilliant to see all levels of golfers come out and test their skills on our green. Beginner ladies with their children and families, past club champions and future golfing stars! All the holes had unique designs, with varying levels of difficulty. We had a play-off for the title!

Both Tim Elliot and Shaun Viljoen went around the course 2 Over par (20 Strokes)

But Tim took the title with the 5th Extra play-off hole.

Hole Names:

Hole 1: Dance Floor – Often used as a reference to the smooth nature of the putting green

Hole 2: Inside the Leather – The unwritten rule in golf that refers to the distance of a putt that can be conceded.

Hole 3: James Joyce – a Term given to a putt that is difficult to read.

Hole 4: Gimme – a Very makable putt

Hole 5: Stymie – in the golden age of golf, putts could not be marked, and golfers would purposely hit their golf balls in front of their playing partners as an obstacle.

Hole 6: Good – Good – the agreement that both players’ putts are conceded.

Hole 7: Knee-Knocker – A short putt that you shouldn’t miss, but often can and do.

Hole 8: Lip-Out – a Putt that touches the whole but stays out due to pace.

Hole 9: Tap-In: Walk on in and tap the ball in the hole.




A record of 160 entries!

Special from Club Car (contact our Golf Team for more details)

Last of the best!


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