Jack Nicklaus Signature Course

The magnificent Jack Nicklaus Designed Course boasts a minimum of four tee locations per hole for the improving or experienced golfer to the aspiring professional. Every golfer will be advised to play from the tee location that best suits their play. Our friendly starters will be there to share some insight and advice for first-times. Mr Nicklaus was blessed to find the land created by nature to design his championship course. The tees are not artificially perched above the playing areas and the holes follow the terrain provided. For that reason, the first round needs to be a “sighter” to get the feel of the land. From there onwards, your knowledge and course management will improve with every round.

When it comes to judging a course for the golfing challenges and rewards it provides, certain criteria are used to set great courses apart from the rest. In our case, Mr Nicklaus used the fabric that was provided and weaved a layout through the dunes in such a way that no two holes are alike - most are removed entirely from each other. Every club in your bag will be used when you play the tees that best suit your game. The four, par-5’s are to be respected and only challenged in two when conditions allow for a shorter approach. The greens were designed for a shorter approach shot and have smaller targets than the longer 3’s and 4’s. The par-3’s also offer a variety of shots with each playing in a different direction with multiple tees that are all used in the varying course set-ups. The par-4’s feature some shorter, risk and reward holes like 5, 8 and 12 with challenging tests and longer approaches on the card for the remainder. Every hole is a picture and no one hole is considered to be a signature - you pick your favorite. Welcome to this exceptional course … play at least two rounds … you will love it!


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