Hole 6 - 'Checkmate'

Par 5 (529, 487, 453, 416 Metres, Stroke 11)

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In the game of chess, you plan ahead and set up your next move plan ahead here or Checkmate!

How to Play this Hole

Position is everything at this hole. If you are a shorter hitter, just take clubs that you trust and play to the wider landing areas 3-wood, 5-iron, 9-iron and wedge. It may take you four shots to get home but thats why you have a handicap! Longer hitters may take on the bunker complex on the right carry it with a draw and you may find yourself in position to have a go. The best approach to this shallow green is from 60 to 100 meters from the green. Get to the 2nd aiming pole and play a lofted club that will hold the small green and thank me after the round.

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