Hole 5 - 'Braveheart'

Par 4 (324, 310, 239, 233 Metres, Stroke 15)

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The best views on the course and with the wind, the best chance to make a one on a par 4!

How to Play this Hole

WOW!!! Get the camera out better yet, get the video out and take a 360 degree shot from the upper tee! After the photo shoot with your friends, refocus on the golf and make a decision take driver (Braveheart) and have a go at greatness! The safer play is a long iron or fairway club up the well-bunkered fairway, leaving a short iron to the postage stamp green. Why take the driver BECAUSE YOU CAN! Keep in mind the word CAN, in this case, may not refer to ability just decision-making. Dont waste a great birdie opportunity by being TOOOOOO Brave!

hole 05

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