Hole 4 - 'Double Vision'

Par 3 (159 - 107 Metres, Stroke 17)

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The first time golfer will only see the green with the flagstick. How is this for some par 3 double vision!

How to Play this Hole

Whether you are playing from the back tee to the front green OR the front tee to the back green, this is truly one great par three. one for the memory books. Another Jack Nicklaus Signature Course at Desert Highlands, Geronimo in Arizona features large greens with two flagsticks and in some cases, two greens for the same hole. Number 4 at SFL offers two great shot-making options. Allow for the prevailing wind when playing the bottom green; when it comes from the west, those greenside bunkers get pretty big! When playing to the top, take an extra club - it carries all the way and the green surface is a lot bigger that it looks.

hole 4

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