Hole 18 - 'Homeward Bound'

Par 4 (405, 383, 362, 318 Meters, Stroke 6)


This great finish allows you to play a great approach after a perfect drive. Sink the putt and tip your cap to you friends above!

How to Play this Hole

No, this is not a Simon and Garfunkel song. It's simply a perfect finish to a perfect day that probably included every club in your bag. Links golf always involves some mystery, some deception and encourages plenty of imagination. The final par-4 is a dogleg left playing into a smallish target that angles uphill from left to right. Factor the uphill by almost always adding another club to the distance remaining. The natural target from the tee is the last bunker left. Hug the water and leave yourself a much shorter second. When you finish, shake hands and go to the Golf Shop for a souvenir book again for tomorrow, and have another go at greatness! Thanks for coming and playing another South African treasure.

hole 18