Hole 17 - 'St Francis Bay'

Par 3 (195, 179, 169, 136 Meters, Stroke 16)

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The best little view on the course, with the town part of the pretty picture. Thanks, Jack!

How to Play this Hole

What a finishing Par-3! It truly is a tribute to the village below, with the town forming part of the backdrop. The design of the green is quite a discussion item (during the Opening round, Mr. Nicklaus stopped everything to have another look at the final shape). The pin placements are only available on the bottom, back left portion of the putting suface, as the front and right sides tilt severely to the left and back.This feature is by design and adds a little luck to the outcome of the tee shot that strays to the right. On the day, Jack thought maybe there was too much pitch and asked that we monitor its perfomance willing to soften it, if necessary. When he rolled some balls from the front of the green to test it, they all moved toward the hole. I rather liked that and commented that Hole-in-Ones are a good thing. I wasnt far wrong, as the first one came on our Members first day of play.Three more have followed will you be next?

hole 17

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