Hole 16 - 'Split Image'

Par 5 (572, 519, 480, 442 Meters, Stroke 2)

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After getting your drive in position, the fun begins. From there you still have a great par-4 to play. ALL GOLF Pards!

How to Play this Hole

The 630 yard Par-5 is one big golf hole from the back tees. Fortunately, not many of you should be playing from there. From the club tees, the white tees and the forward tees, options await you. A Tiger Line down the left side may put the longest hitter in postion to go for the green by keeping his shot left of the creek. The wider and safer play is to the right aiming pole and a three-shot play to the green. This stroke-4 tester will offer the best result by playing into the green from 80-100m out; this will put you in a position to play a high-flying approach.

hole 16

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