Hole 15 - 'Top Shelf'

Par 4 (432, 393, 368, 330 Meters, Stroke 8)

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To get home on this big par 4, you must play to the left on the top shelf!

How to Play this Hole

I am not promoting a trip to Mexico for a famous Marguarita. You can go to Fat Cactus in Cape Town and order a TOP SHELF and get one equally as good. While I am giving them a FREE ad, Ill tell you that the food is equally as good as the drink! As far as golf is concerned, this par-4 is top shelf by definition. Its a great hole that requires a well-positioned tee shot to the left and on the top shelf. From there, the large green target is only the second challenge. Nothing here is easy going.The hogback design of the green forces you to attack the flagstick or risk another dreaded three putt. It looks easier than it plays stroke-4 for good reason!

hole 15

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