Hole 13 - 'Bear Claws'

Par 5 (495, 460, 409, 359 Meters, Stroke 12)

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Originally, this name for this great par 5 was GO BIG. Now, named after the man himself, it is simply majestic!

How to Play this Hole

You have now played 12 holes of PURE LINKS. Now you get to experience LINKS PLUS! The next three holes feature water on the left. The 46m wetland is a sanctuary for the areas bird life and a catchment for wayward shots. Many have chosen the 13th as their favourite. Its easy to see why. Mr. Nicklaus has added water to links in such a way that its like adding dressing on a salad, cheese on a burger or chutney on a Worsie (not bad for an American South African by choice). Stay left off the tee and safely to the right on your second. Birdies, and even ealgles, here, will come to those who take the challenge.

hole 13

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