Hole 10 - 'Up and Down'

Par 4 (357, 321, 290, 258 Metres, Stroke 10)

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Up the hill and down to the green. Stay high on the hill and factor the fall to the green

How to Play this Hole

Mr. Nicklaus is really good about rewarding the player that challenges the hole™. If you drive the ball to the left side, you will have a clearer and shorter approach to the green. There is plenty of room to the right, as well. If this is your first hole of the day or you have just polished off a homemade pie at Halfway, take the safer line to the right of the aiming pole and accept the longer approach to this perfectly positioned green. How about that amphitheatre! He has dropped the green down into the dune face creating a natural bowl (great for watching the tournaments golf that will come to St Francis Links).

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